What We Teach

Accounting Classes for the Masses

What we teach at our accounting classes are all the basics that the students need to thrive in the accounting market. We teach to everyone from high school students to senior citizens that are trying to get back into the workforce.

These classes are taught at night so that everyone has a chance to attend and no one is left behind. We have large classrooms with plenty of room for everyone.

Here are some basics:

What We Teach

We conduct free workshops, seminars, and classes for the small business owners of Chicago, in order to teach them important accounting skills, techniques, and relevant tools that can empower them to run their businesses more shrewdly and save more money.

Work on accounting basics including accounting than just debit and credit, general ledger entries, Debits and Credits, Revenues and Expenses, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, how to value inventory and more.

After the class gets that hang of that, we will move on to more complex topics including Cash Flow Statements, Ratio Analysis, Income Statements, and Breakeven Point Analysis and more.

When Are the Classes?

My workshops are free of cost and are held for two hours every Saturday and Sunday morning. We start each class bright and early though there is a grace period for when you can get to your desk and get situated.

What we teach at the start of the class is just a review of what we have previously gone after. Then we move onto new tactics followed by a group discussion about how each of us would tackle that subject.

At the end of the class, we will have a question and answer session so we call all be sure that we have a good grasp of what was discussed. It is a great experience for all involved.