Welcome to my FAQ Page!

Ever since I have shared my dream of starting an accounting education business for the people of Chicago, I have been asked tons of Frank Dinucci questions. Whether it is from my students or just from people on the street, I always have people coming up to me and requesting information.

To make things easier, I have compiled this list of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. How many accounting companies have you worked for?

A. I have been working in the accounting trade for over twenty years. When I first became interested in accounting, I was just a kid with a big dream. I went to school and learned the basics and then I was out in the job world.

I started working for smaller companies before moving on to some of the bigger corporations of the world. I learned a lot more there but after several years, I decided to move on to teaching and I have been doing that ever since.

Q. What are the core lessons you will be teaching?

A. During this multi-month course, we will be teaching a multitude of accounting subjects, starting with the most basic to the most complex.

The most basic topics include accounting than just debit and credit, general ledger entries, Debits and Credits, Revenues and Expenses, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, how to value inventory.

We then move on to more complex topics including Cash Flow Statements, Ratio Analysis, Income Statements, and Breakeven Point Analysis.

Q. What are the different types of accountants?

A. Not the most common of the Frank Dinucci questions, but a great inquiry all the best. There are many different sub-fields in accounting including financial accounting, public accounting, government accounting, forensic accounting and many other different types that are easy to get into if you know the basics.