Frank Dinucci is an Accountant by Trade

As far back as he can remember, Frank Dinucci has had a love for numbers and the power they have in our world. Numbers help us to run our business, keep our schools productive and they help us to keep our budgets.

The power of numbers cannot be underappreciated.

His Target is Small Businesses

Frank Dinucci knows exactly what sector of the country is most in need of accounting practices and that is the many small businesses that populate the landscape.

According to Forbes in 2013 it was reported that there are over 28 million small businesses in the country while another 22 million people are self-employed.

This has resulted in over 120 million people working for small businesses, which accounts for over 50% of the total working population. 

With this many small businesses, the need for accountants has skyrocketed.

One Man Cannot Do it All

While Frank would love to help all of these companies, he is smart enough to know that he cannot do everything himself.

That’s why he came up with a bright idea. Why not teach the people of the world in the art of accounting. After being in the business for over 20 years, he had obtained enough knowledge that he was confident that he could pass on everything he had learned.

As a former Ivy League accounting professor who is well respected within the accounting community, he is the foremost authority on the subject. He is excited about teaching people from all walks of life because as long as someone wants to learn, it doesn’t matter how young or old they are.

It also doesn’t matter what background you have. So what if you have had a troubled past, you still have the potential to learn.

Learn more about these exciting classes here.